Vibrant seasonal leaf salads
€ 4.90
with champagne vinaigrette
Field salad
€ 8.90
with core oil vinaigrette, roasted bacon and radish chips
Mixed salad
€ 5.90
with delicate dressing

Carpaccio / Tartare

Tyrolean Alpine ox carpaccio
€ 12.90
with olive oil, rocket and freshly grated parmesan
Baked calf's head
€ 12.80
with lukewarm potato salad and tartar sauce
Classic beef tartare
€ 13.90
from Tyrolean alpine ox with oven-fresh bread roll


Hearty beef soup
€ 4.90
with pancakes strips
Lechtal mountain cheese soup
€ 5.80
with parsley pesto
Hearty beef soup
€ 5.50
with liver dumplings, traditional Brätnockerl minced meat dumplings and vegetable cubes
Pumpkin soup
€ 5.60
with roasted seeds and core oil

Aperitif of the week

Kir Royal
€ 3.90
Prosecco with current liqueur

Mohren Innkeeper’s Weekly Menu

Cream of pumpkin soup
€ 6.70
with curry, coconut milk and roasted prawn
Home-made pickled salmon
€ 12.50
with honey mustard sauce and lukewarm toast
Hearty beef soup
€ 5.60
with home-made "Milzschnitten"
Sous vide cooked beef roulade
€ 17.50
with bacon-brussels sprout and potato mash with herbs
Succulent Tyrolean beef burger
€ 13.90
with home-made bread and salad, tomatoes, bacon, mountain cheese and fries
Catfish Fillet
€ 17.80
with root vegetables, baby potatoes and fresh herbs in a butter fond
Home-made ribbon noodles
€ 15.90
with porcino-chanterelle ragout, mountain cheese and salsa verde

Main courses

Tyrolean Gröstl fry-up
€ 13.90
with bacon, fried egg and coleslaw
Fried beef and onions in gravy
€ 20.90
from Tyrolean Alpine ox (approx. 200g) with fried bacon roast potatoes and green beans
Grilled pork fillet wrapped in bacon
€ 17.90
with wild garlic spätzle pasta, colourful spring vegetables and buttery jus
Roast saddle of lamb with herb crust
€ 23.50
with ratatouille vegetables and rosemary potatoes
Außerfern cheese spaetzle
€ 12.90
with fried onions and salad platter
Salmon trout and char fillet
€ 19.50
on fennel-tomato-vegetable with basmatic rice
Home-made beef goulash
€ 14.90
from Tyrolean Alpine ox with bread dumplings
’Viennese Schnitzel’ from Tyrolean veal
€ 19.90
Optional side dishes: warm potato salad, parsley potatoes or fries
’Viennese Schnitzel’ from Alpine pig
€ 12.50
Optional side dishes: warm potato salad, parsley potatoes or fries
’Backhenderl’ deep-fried chicken
€ 15.50
Maize-"Henderl" Vienna with lukewarm potato-cucumber-salad
Grilled Schnitzel of the fawn
€ 21.90
with fried porcino and home-made fried potato patties
Potato Pumpkin Gnocchi
€ 13.90
with fresh baby spinach, pine nuts and mountain cheese in slices


Lady steak
€ 21.90
Rump steak
€ 20.90
Beef fillet steak
€ 25.50
US-Black Angus rib eye steak
€ 26.90
US-Black Angus sirloin steak
€ 20.50

Dry Ager | Superior Beef

Dry aged (without side dishes)
€ 39.90
Dry aged (without side dishes)
€ 49.90
Dry aged (without side dishes)
€ 58.90
Dry aged (without side dishes)
€ 89.50
800g+ (recommendation for two persons)

Optional side dishes for steaks & dry ager

Optional sauces
€ 1.40
Peppercorn sauce, Hollandaise sauce, port jus or Bernaise sauce (per sauce)
Optional side dishes
€ 3.10
Potato wedges with dip, fries, steak fries with mayonnaise and onion dip or potato and mountain cheese fritters (per side)
Optional specials
€ 5.90
3 grilled prawns
Choice of vegetables
€ 3.80
Mediterranean vegetables, spring vegetables or green beans wrapped in bacon (per vegetable)
Choice of salad
€ 3.50
Radicchio and rocket salad, spring salad with asparagus or corn salad with kernel oil vinaigrette (per salad)


White and dark chocolate mouse pot
€ 4.50
Apple tiramisu
€ 6.50
with Snickers ice-cream
Crème brûlée
€ 6.90
with vanilla-rosemary ice cream
Home made sweet cut-up pancake with raisins
€ 9.50
with apple sauce
Home-made apple strudel
€ 3.50
Home-made apple strudel
€ 4.50
with vanilla sauce
Variety of home-made sorbets & ice-cream
€ 1.80
per scoop
Chestnut mousse
€ 5.50
with cherry-yoghurt ice cream
Plum Panna Cotta
€ 4.50
with vanilla ice-cream and strawberry and mint topping
Home-made waffles
€ 6.80
with ice cream and cream
Home-made apple strudel
€ 3.90
with cream
Home-made apple strudel
€ 4.10
with vanilla ice-cream
’Mohren Innkeeper’s Sundae’
€ 4.80
Mixed ice-cream specialities


Selection of fine Tyrolean cheeses
€ 7.90
with bread

From 2 pm – 11 pm

Pork Viennese Schnitzel
€ 12.90
with fries
Grilled rump steak
€ 27.80
with herb butter, spring vegetables and mountain cheese potato fritters
Tyrolean toast
€ 9.50
gratinated with ham, mountain cheese, onions and a vibrant salad platter
€ 6.50
with gravy and bread
€ 4.00
with mustard, horseradish and bread
Pork cordon bleu
€ 14.90
with fries
Außerferner cheese noodles
€ 12.50
with fried onions and a mixed salad
Small goulash
€ 9.50
with bread
Tyrolean cured ham platter
€ 12,90
with sour garnish, butter and bread rolls
Swiss sausage salad
€ 9.50
with bread


Home-made cakes – freshly baked on a daily basis
€ 2.70
1 item from our patisserie
Home-made cakes – freshly baked on a daily basis
€ 3.00
1 item with cream from our patisserie